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Why You Should Listen To Music Before Bed

We all love music without realising it can be beneficial for us. It has become part of our daily life. People listen to music while driving, cooking, taking shower, while eating food in a restaurant, dancing in a bar, even sometimes in their workplace as well.

Well, I do listen to music while talking shower.

People often ask me “Do you listen to music before bed?” And the answer is “Yes, I do.”

If you want to know more then come and I’ll guide you everything about Why You Should Listen to Music Before Bed.

Let’s get to know more…

Why you should listen to music before bed

Why you should listen to music before bed

The world is constantly growing rapidly and everyone has become so much busy in their work that they forget to invest a quality time for themselves. This leads to lack of sleep and it turns into lack of productivity as well.

If you want to become more productive and focus on your work, you need a good amount of sleep every single night.

You must be obsessed in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you might be risking your sleep in the social media and outcome is often makes you visit a doctor because you might be tired in your work and social media.

Is it healthy to listen to music before sleeping

Music can help you in infinite ways and it can provide you a quality sleep all night long. Music can help people who are suffering from sleep disorders, it might benefit you lil bit slower but the results would definitely amaze you. 

Listening to music always keep you on the track of improvement. The more you listen to music before going to sleep, the better you’ll feel all night long and the outcome will come up as less sleepless nights, falling asleep earlier, well rested morning, focused on work, more productive.

Even I listen to music while sleeping. It works really well!

If you want to sleep better than turn off the internet, find out your earphones and play on your favourite tunes, soothing music works better because it tend to work more effectively on classical, jazz and folk music. Try to avoid upbeat music and especially Hip Hops and rock music.

What happens when you listen to music before sleeping

When we listen to music, our brain start to react according to kind of music we listen. So listening to soothing tunes can be effective because soft music relaxes our brain and when our brain start to feel relaxing, it’ll start to release hormones called Dopamine – which is known to respond to naturally rewarding stimuli like food and sex – also known as happy hormones.

When our brain releases chemical, our mood start to change even you will start to get into sleep mode on itself.

According to the research, National Institute of Neurological disorders and stroke shown that an estimated 40 million Americans annually live with having chronic sleep disorders. where as, 20 million more people have trouble in sleeping from time to time. [i] it is a serious issue both on a personal and society level, for people who donโ€™t get enough sleep often experience a variety of short term problems, like impaired judgment, and long term problems, like an increasing risk of suffering from health conditions like diabetes & heart disease

“Music that brings sweet sleep down from the blissful skies” by Alfred Tennyson

Turn on your music and play the songs that makes you feel relaxing. Try to play a soothing music which is slow in rhythm, and it’s tempo should be 60-80 BPM ( Beats Per Minute ). 60 BPM has exactly about 1 beat per second. If you’re not sure how many beats per minute a certain song has, then you should try Songbpm.com to know the accurate amount.

Music can be effective if you know how to use it accurately. It can heal you from inside and outside. Listen to music before sleeping can be effective for you, it can help you to deep sleep your body and mind. I’d suggest you to listen your favourite music every single night before you sleep and it’ll start to develop your mind and behaviour as well.

So, finally these are the reason Why you should listen to music before bed. If you have any question about this topic then you should feel free to ask me anything you want and you can share your story. If you liked this post then don’t forget to share with your friends, who knows this might change their lives.

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  1. Hi,
    Interesting post. I sing in the shower and listen to music before bed.

    I am Janice. I met you at Roberta’s blog party. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

  2. I have a playlist that I listen to each night that is sure to set me off to have good dreams..I have to be careful of what I listen to after lets say 9pm or so if its anything upbeat I will never get to sleep! haha! I get excited over each good song and then before I know it it is 2am and Im still wide awake! ๐Ÿ™‚


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