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Why Women Are Attracted Towards Musician

Why women are attracted towards musician

Women loves listening to music but watching them is even more exciting for women. Why women are attracted towards musician who are playing the guitar, singing in the crowd and hitting the drums? Well, You can’t deny the fact that women find musicians more attractive than the normal men. There are many reasons behind the scenes.

Women secretly wants to date Musicians. What makes women feel attraction towards musician and want them badly? That’s what we are going to share with you.

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Why women are attracted towards musician

1. Musicians have powerful appeal.

Women loves the attraction they feel towards musician. The attraction comes from the energy musician’s possess. This makes them fall in love without even realising. Women know that they can’t get musicians attention easily and that’s what makes them desirable, because girls want what they can’t get easily. Musicians stand out of the crowd because they have leadership appeal, stage presence, centre of the  attraction and women loves it.

2. Musicians have confidence.

Confidence is the key to success with women. Women are attracted towards confident men because they know their self worth. They showcase confidence to let people know that they own the stage. In other words, confidence drives women crazy. This exactly happens every single time. You should be confident if you want be desirable.

3. Musicians are full of skills.

Learning music is not easy for everyone. It takes dedication, patience and hard work to master these skills into yourself. Musicians spend hours and hours in practice and they dedicate good amount of time in enhancing their craft everyday. Women wants to be part of such “cool and stylish” musician’s life. It makes them happy and alive at the same time.

4. They are creative.

Musicians are creative people. They can write amazing songs, create music and play an instrument so perfect that makes women’s heart melt away. Women feel a special bond with their favorite musicians because every song they write undoubtedly relate to their fantasies. However, personality and style comes later on. If you think why pop singers are so popular then this is the reason what makes every women fall.

5. They have bad boy personality.

If you play an instrument, while this may be true, you will fall in bad boy personality. Musicians showcase bad boys personality in their behaviour. This appears more attractive for many girls out there. However, they know they’re “hot” and it what makes every women loves them. Women secretly wants to involve with bad boys, because musicians can take them on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and feelings.

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  1. So so true!!! At the end of a long school day, a colleague was strumming a guitar in the staffroom…and all I wanted to do was sit at his feet and sing along!!! (I stood instead…and sang along!)


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