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Why Musicians Are Smarter Than You

Everyone loves music all around the world and they love musicians as well. I’m sure you do have a favorite musician, singer, guitarist or DJ’s? There’s something attractive in musicians and I’m not sure what is it, but there’s something like their appearance, style, and most importantly the secret essence of their music is brain.

Yes! You here correct, I’m talking about brain. You must be curious about the title and you want to know exactly how and Why Musicians are smarter than you?

Why people choose to learn music or become musician? It maybe possible to get famous or it can be their dreams to become a pop star. Whatever it can be but there’s another fact that musicians choose to learn music because “music makes you smarter” aswell.

According to research, Dr. Anita Collins, Assistant Professor of Music and Arts Education at  University of Canberra has shown that “Playing musical instruments affects every single area of the brain“.

Let’s get to know about the fact…

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Why Musicians are smarter than you

โ€ข  Musicians use both sides of their brain.

If you can read or write music then you are using your brain to understand another language, that makes your brain work more effectively. If you create a piece of music creatively then you are empowering your brain as well. So pick you instrument and start playing the music you love, this is the best brain training technique.

As per neuroscientist’s research, “Playing an instrument engages every single area of the brain”.

When we play music, we use our both left side (problem solving) and right side (creative) that help us to boost the power of our brain. According to Dr. Anita Collins, “Playing music increases the volume and activity in the brain’s corpus callosum“.

Playing music can help you to analyse the data throughout all area of your brain. This makes musicians to solve every problems in a creative and effective manner. 

โ€ข  Musicians have strong memory to recall.

If you play an instrument then you need to remember chords, notes, finger placements and structures. Musician’s not only remember these things but also everything that needs to be remembered because they effectively use their brain both left and right side, this leads to have a better control over the brain and make out the best use of it.

According to Collins, musicians exhibit enhances memory function. They can store, recall, and retrieve old memories dramatically.

โ€ข  Musician’s are great at everything.

Musician’s not only enhance their skills of playing instrument or singing, but when they’re practicing their instrument, they are actually training their brain to nail every single activity. The structured and proper practice takes the effort and this effort helps your brain to learn and grow effectively.

Musician’s takes full advantage of learning music in other activities as well because this develops your brain and helps in order to make difficult things easy. 

โ€ข  Musicians mind are stronger in an old age aswell.

As compared to other people, people usually take pills in the old age and vitamins and minerals including healthy food in order to stay healthy. On the other hand, musicians stay healthy with the help of their mind for long period of time because they’ve been working out their brain and structured them to stay fit and healthy for life.

Wow. So you can remember things for longer time in old age as well. I’ve written a blog post about why music is important in our lives to help you to know how important music can be in our daily lives.

If you want to be smarter them what are you waiting for? Pick your instrument and start learning music, and you will be on the way to train your brain.

So, finally these are the reason why musicians are smarter than you. If you have any question about this topic then you should feel free to ask me anything you want and you can share your story.

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    • Hey Laura,

      Thank you very much for the kind words.
      Well, DJ can be great work aswell in the field of music and you should advise your son to follow his intuition. I bet he will be successful.

      DJ’s like Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris are making the world crazy!

  1. “I havenโ€™t researched about what is it that makes musicians really attractive and sexy? “- I don’t have a factual answer for this either, however we all know that there’s a way that they carry themselves, their swag, their aura and most importantly the fact that they can evoke emotions like no one can sure is a plus.

    Secondly in my humble opinion, I believe that being a musician are born with their talents and of course they would nurture it as they grow and eventually become even better with practice. And yes I also agree with you, musicians are very smart people, I just don’t know that if you “decide or learn” to become a musician that would make you smarter, but again if you could work 10x harder to become just as good as a born musician…maybe there could be something special about those musicians…

    I myself wrote a blog about how we experience music and the emotions it brings, please be sure to check it out & follow here: https://wordpress.com/post/thelivestage.wordpress.com/126 .

    I’d like to get your opinion.

    • Well, It’s all about the difference between average people mind and musician’s mind. It’s not just about reading music but to deliver such professionalism on your instrument and this is what makes musician’s brain workout from both sides.

  2. Hi Rahul, it is nice discovering you. Nice post ! What do you think about the importance of words to accompany your music ? I’ve been working on that question for a while. Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey,

      Nice to meet you too mate. Well It is a nice question. I’m don’t know the exact answer of this question but still I’d love to share my opinion.

      Music can express the feeling on its own without words but words empower music. Words are important in music because it helps to reveal the untold emotions and story behind the music is being played.

      Music still can make you dance alone without words but words bring out the soul. Take it in different way like… Music is a human life and words are our goal of life. There’s no fun living without a goal in life that’s exactly how words are important aswell in music.

  3. Hi I’m new to the blogging life and was wondering if you could read my work and follow me I’d appreciate it as i am interested in literature and spoken word and lack a bit of confidence Thank you for your time and have a nice day….good read btwww


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