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Why Music Is An Addiction For Our Brain

Music comes with a tendency to turn on your emotions & feeling towards happiness, sadness, joy and pain by targeting the areas of your brain. When you listen to your favourite songs, you start to feel connected with it’s melody, lyrics or beats!

People says ” Music is an addiction for our brain ” which may not seems to be a myth but reality, Yes! Reality! because music controls and hit different section including visualisation and imagination inside our brain. When you listen to the Music, sometimes you get extremely happy, sometimes you feel pain, or sometimes start dropping your tears down.

Do you want to know what is the reason behind it?

Let’s find out the scientific research in ” Why music is an addiction for our brains “.

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Why Music is an addiction for our brain

When you listen to the music, your brain release chemical just like, when we are watching our favorite television series, eating our favorite foods, even while looking at our crush. It all comes in a package, this chemical reaction start to making you feel good even more good or great.

 Music takes your brain in full control, even some kind of music can make you jump on the dance floor, no matter if you don’t even know a single step like you’re bad dancer. It can unexpectedly make you spend more, drink more, and love more.

Do you know actually why this happens?

No? Yeah okay I understand…

It is because…

  • Music can change your behavior in an unethical way.
  • Music releases chemical that leads to make your mind feel addictive to the music you like.

Music affects our moods and behaviour in different ways which I’ve explained in 7 Best ways Music makes our lives better. It can dramatically force you to do things and take you in subconscious state of mind.

Let’s find out the chemical releases while we are listening to the music.

What is the reason behind the addiction of music in our brain?

Research by Scientists at McGill in Montreal revealed that our brain works in a particular way and releases “Dopamine” chemical while listening to the music. 

  • What is Dopamine? 

Dopamine is the chemical that mediates pleasure in the brain. It is released during pleasurable situations and stimulates one to seek out the pleasurable activity or occupation like listening to music, eating food etc.

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The scientist tested the research on 10 music lovers, (so called addicted) by using different genres of music like Pop, rock, jazz, and classical including blues but mostly the classical music were choosen and the songs were familiar to them. During the test, scientist injected a radioactive substance that helps in binding the dopamine receptors. 

The PET scanner used to scan, if the radioactive substance circulating through their blood or not. Finally, the PET scanner revealed that the most of the dopamine released in the side of the brain known as “striatum region“, by using MRI, scanner showcased that when and where those releases actually happened.

This is how the music has become a major importance in our lives, on daily purpose. No one can spend a whole lot day or night without listening to music, even just for once in a while. Music has been in everyone’s daily life in every cultures all around the world, including present time, past ( in history ) and absolutely it’s going to be the most important part in futureSources of research

Let’s see how Music makes our lives better

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