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7 Best Traits Of A Great Leader

Traits of a great leader

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. — John Maxwell

It’s no secret that every individual has certain leadership traits inside them. No one is born a leader.

Though with time and practice, anyone can become a leader.

There’s no need to introduce a leader. Their personality, habits, and character prove it all.

Don’t worry, you can soon join that club! Just keep reading.

Here are 7 best traits of a great leader

1. Vision.

The most obvious traits of a great leader is clear vision. They know what they want and what should be done to achieve it.

Vision is not only about meeting organizational goals but having a clear path that leads to success.

However, lack of clear vision is equivalent to walking in an unknown region without a map. In other words, when you have no map in your hands in a new state.

A clear vision motivates you to work towards your goal and helps realize the motive of “why you started” in the first place.

Leaders understand the importance of a vision and work accordingly.

2. Acceptance of failure.

Lucky are those who have failed once in their lifetime. It shows you have stepped outside your comfort zone.

Leaders never obsess over failures. They accept their mistake and work on weaknesses to go beyond them.

However, failure shows that you are trying something new.

Sailing a boat over steady water never made a skilled sailor. In other words, working in a comfort zone never makes a great leader.


Failure gives you experience, knowledge, and growth to improve in every area of your life.

Leaders understand the fact that “failing to try” is equal to “trying to fail”. They take failures as stepping stones towards success.

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3. Strong character.

Another most obvious trait of a great leader is owning a strong character. It is sometimes mistaken to be emotionally detached.

But the truth is a true leader executes his thoughts independently and effortlessly.

Character speaks a lot about an individual. For example, a person who pretends to know everything is someone who lacks true wisdom.

A great leader stands up for himself, embraces his failures, treats co-workers with empathy, and follows his principles.

A strong character acts like a magnet to attract other people and determines your strength to achieve goals.

When you have strong character, you will develop the traits of a great leader.

4. Discipline.

A great leader masters his skill to manage his actions and mindset well to become self-disciplined.

They tend to have peace of mind which enables them to make the right decisions and to focus on their purpose.

Disciplined leaders take decisions rationally and do not react by their impulses or emotions.

Great leaders have control over their emotions. For example, they have control over eating junk food all the time.

It is an essential trait to build habits and a strong character. Discipline and consistency separate a leader from a common man.

Here’s how to discipline yourself for success.


5. Help others.

A great leader creates an environment for others to grow and emerge. Basically, help others to lead.

It is a well-known fact that if you inspire and appreciate an employee, it directly affects the growth of a company.

Leaders understand the clear difference between forcefully pushing someone to change and allowing them to grow with experience.

However, turning criticism into a learning experience is a quality of a great leader.
A true leader trusts his employees, gives them power and helps them to empower.

Here’s the fastest way to achieve success is to first help others succeed.

6. Listen everyone.

It is a well-known fact that great leaders are great listeners. It is a tough skill to master in this digital era.

There is a great difference between hearing and listening to people because hearing doesn’t always means listening.

A great leader intent to listen carefully than formulate a reply. It helps to gain a complete understanding of a situation.

However, it is equally important to understand the root cause and understand it.

It’s no secret that great leaders give great attention to detail which helps them gain greater clarity.

7. Self reflection.

It is important to evaluate and review yourself to work on your strengths and weaknesses.

Self-reflection allows you to increase your awareness. Great leaders develop these qualities to make better choices.

It helps you build emotional intelligence to improve relationships at work and to positively impact people.

Leaders understand the importance of exploring themselves to challenge situations and to increase productivity.

Bonus tip

A great leader works smarter rather than harder. From staying authentic to acknowledging obstacles with energy and enthusiasm, they conquer it all.

A true leader sets an example to drive his team in the right direction for the growth of the company.

However, in the hardest times, when everyone gives up hope, it is always a true leader who stands against all the obstacles and motivates others to believe in their potential.


If you are aspiring to become a leader, you are halfway there. Ritually practise the above traits of a great leader to achieve the success you want.

Let’s summarize the above points:

  1. Vision
  2. Acceptance of failure
  3. Strong character
  4. Discipline
  5. Help others
  6. Listen everyone
  7. Self-reflection

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