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Top 10 Benefits Of Playing Musical Instrument

Playing a musical instrument comes with lots of benefits which gives you a feeling of happiness, joyfulness, and self confidence. Learning music and musical instrument is a smart decision for everyone, because it can be soo effective for our brain development and relaxation. Music gives you an invisible wings.

Nowadays, people are getting interest in musical instrument and people are aware of its benefits as well.

Are you one of them who’s still not aware of it’s benefits?

Let’s get to know about Top 10 benefits of playing Musical Instrument 

Guy playing guitar

Top 10 benefits of playing Musical Instrument

1. Musical instrument can increase capacity of your brain.

When we play musical instrument or listen to music, our brains start to stimulate and this effectively increases the capacity ( memory ) of your brain. Music has it’s own power to exercise your brain and workout like a healing process. Lots of research has crystal clearly shown that musical instrument benefits our brain memory.

According to the Telegraph Online Magazine, research shows that Playing a musical instrument changes the power and shapes of the brain and it also used in few cognitive skills therapy as well. It has also proven that musicians have functionally different brains as compared to non musicians, especially in the part of the brain used for processing.

2. Musical instrument teaches you ” perseverance”

When learning an instrument, it takes time and effort to make it perfect. Even though you should seek for excellence, instead of perfection. This process can effectively teach you to have patience and perseverance all the time. Every professional musician works more than 3-4 times at one piece of music to make it excellent.

If you don’t have patience… You’ll have it anyways mate!

3. Musical instrument increases your responsibility.

When you’ll start to play musical instrument, you’ll get bunch of responsibility along with it. You need to take care your instrument, like polishing, tuning, cleaning and daily practicing in order to keep them in tune. 

Just like a guitar example :

  • Tuning it’s strings before you play.
  • Cleaning your Guitar to keep them for the long run.
  • Polishing for the glow.
  • Taking care of your frets including Bridge

This is how you’ll get more responsible for sure. Just like I’ve became more responsible to write for you daily.

4. Musical instrument can sharp your concentration.

Playing an instrument needs your focus and concentration on music parts like, Rhythm, tempo, beats, notes, time duration and sound of music. This seek out every single senses of your mind to work and makes sure if your body is collaborating with your mind in harmony.

Concentration empowers your music learning ability. Amazing isn’t it?

5. Musical instrument gives a pride of achievement.

When you’re a beginner, everything seems difficult in starting point. Masters teaches you “how to play the piece of music” and when you play it smoothly after a hard work and practice for several hours, you’ll start to feel pride of achievement.

As you become more professional musicianyou’ll take more musically typical practice to make it appealing and beautiful which can be rewarding after achievement.

I understand the proud feeling. You can as well.

6. Musical instrument promotes your social skills & popularity

Playing an instrument can be extremely rewarding in order to build your social skills. It is the most important factor for musicians to become social bird. The more social you are, the more people will start to know you. It can be helpful to get contract or a performance night with your social skills.

Go out and make your social skills higher like the highest note in music.

7. Musical instrument grows self expression & relieve stress 

When you play your instrument, it’s all upto you what you want play on your instrument and how you want play! When you’ll become more expert in playing an instrument, the more you can express your emotions and pour every drop in your music just like artists. Music is an art which is a definition of self expression 

Music helps in treatment for childrens and teens going through depression and other disorders.

Relax. Close your eyes. Breath. Now read…

8. Musical instrument can boost your listening skills.

When you’re playing an instrument, you need to train your ears. Music learning can increase your listening skills because your mind focus on the sound and try to identify if the note is correct? Recognising a musical note is a tough task for beginners, but that’s the place where ears training starts. 

That’s how you train yourself for listening skills. Awesome isn’t it?

9. Musical instrument can teach you perfect discipline. 

Working on musical instrument requires discipline because you need to practice on time and daily basis, especially when the hard part of music troubles you. You need to keep working until you reach your highest potential that requires discipline. World’s best musician are well organised and disciplined that’s why they’re massive successful.

Do it now! Come on dude.

10. Musical instrument brings happiness in your life.

Playing an instrument can super exciting and fun because when you start to become better, people are going to recognise your talent and when you performed in front of people or audience, the sound of applause can bring happiness to your life. The better you play, the better you’ll get rewarded.

It is rewarding my friend!

Music can benefit your life and can change your world. The way you look at the world, you might never look at it same again. Music has changed peoples lives. The researchers are still looking for more to find out, how music can change our lives.

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Come and get on board with us and join our community to make your life interesting.



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