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7 Best Ways To Stop Procrastination Right Now

Stop procrastination at work

You have a mind that procrastinate everyday? Well, it happens with everyone. We all gets alot of task to complete in a period of time but still we choose to use social media, watch television and chill out. The truth is we want to stop procrastination but it is really difficult to get rid of it.

Because we think it takes effort and hard work to stop procrastinating. But in reality, it’s easier than you think.

After the research, I’ve found 7 best ways that actually helps to win the game of procrastination.

It changed my life and this is the reason I must share with you.

Here are 7 Best Ways To Stop Procrastination Right Now

Stop procrastination at work

1. Take control.

As a human being, we have received a monkey mind that is faster than the speed of light. It can take you from earth to the moon in milliseconds.

Your monkey mind wants to go everywhere.

All you need to do is take control of your monkey mind.When you learn to take control of your mind, it will start to become servant and you will become the master.

It is the first step to deal with procrastination.

If you want to control your brain, read this, become the CEO of your own brain in six easy steps.

2. Never loose the battle.

Your monkey mind will try to convince you, so you can procrastinate. But you should never ever listen to your mind.

It will try to do everything to stop you from doing the work. Even you need to fight against your mind to complete the work.

Whatever you do, make sure you never loose the battle and do the work anyways.

This is the second step to stop procrastination and get the work done.

3. Take the first step.

If you want to dominate your monkey mind and avoid procrastination, you need to take the first step at any cost.

Whenever your mind tries to convince you, just get up and take the initiative in order to get the work done.

When you will do that, your mind will start to follow your instructions and it will start to go in the “flow” state of mind.

Few hours later, you will be shocked that you did it.

4. Block your time.

If you want to stop procrastination, you need to block your time in your schedule. Write it down and set a reminder.

Make an appointment for yourself. Do whatever it takes to sit down and start doing the work.

When you block your time, you are actually giving an instruction to your mind that it is important.

5. Do it anyways.

Your brain will try every single thing to stop you. It will make feel you’re not ready, you’re tired and lazy. However, you should do it anyways.

Your mind is designed to protect you and keep you in comfort zone. It is an untamed animal. So, you need to upgrade it like your smartphone.

If you want to win the battle of life, stop listening to your mind.

Do the work even if it’s uncomfortable in the beginning.

6. Discipline yourself.

Discipline is the key to getting things done. You need to discipline yourself otherwise you will loose the game.

You cannot win the monkey mind if you are not consistent and disciplined.

However, you can take control for one day but you will loose next day if you don’t keep yourself disciplined.

In order to stop procrastination, you must discipline yourself and work consistently.

You should read this, if you want to know how to discipline yourself for success.

7. Make it a habit.

Consistent efforts and discipline will turn into habit. And once it became a habit, you will become unstoppable.

It will take upto 21 to 90 days to turn your discipline into a habit.

So, work on yourself daily to make it a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you won’t be able to procrastinate.

Here’s 5 best ways to turn your bad habits into good habits.


Your mind will try to procrastinate and it will only when you allow it to do so. If you want to take control and stop doing procrastination then you should follow the point mentioned above.

It will definitely change your life just the way it changed my life.

Here are the 7 points to remember.

  1. Take control
  2. Never loose the battle
  3. Take the first step.
  4. Block your time
  5. Do it anyways
  6. Discipline yourself
  7. Make it a habit.

Use them and watch your life changes dramatically.

So finally, these are the 7 best ways to stop procrastination right now.

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