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7 Best Productivity Improvement Strategy To Change Your Life

Productivity Improvement Strategy

If you are looking for productivity improvement hack to grow your business exponentially or get things done faster at your workplace, then you are on the right place.

You can change your life when you know all the techniques to stay productive at work or anywhere.

So let’s get straight to the point.

Here are 7 Best Productivity Improvement Strategy To Change Your Life.

Productivity Improvement Strategy

1. Align your task.

Productivity comes when you focus all of your energy to one thing. So you need to align your task before you can put your energy to work.

The first thing you need to do is to write down every single task you want to get done in a period of time.

Once you completed your list, remove unnecessary things that you can outsource to someone else.

That means, give that unnecessary task to someone else. For example, cooking, cleaning the house etc.

2. Use “time block”.

Time block is a magic formula that works really well. It is the most important part of productivity improvement. This powerful tool is taken from the book “The One Thing”.

You need to take the most important task you want to accomplish and block your specific time. For example, you can block 11am to 2pm for making new clients.

Make sure, you block minimum 4 hours everyday.

When you block your time, you need to make sure that you sit down and start working at any cost.

It will help you to get disciplined and get the work done effortlessly.

By using time block, you will unleash the power within and bring out your full potential in life.


All the successful people who are doing great job in their industry are using time block. Because it actually transformed lives and helped millions of people all around the world.

Use it and watch your life explodes with extraordinary results.

3. Create a schedule.

If you want to achieve anything important in life, you must set a specific time for it. And when you have more than one task to complete in a single day, you need to manage your time carefully.

Successful people schedule everything and do it on the right time. If they’ve scheduled a time for work, they do it anyways.

So, when you create a schedule, keep in mind that you need to do it anyways otherwise you will fall in the trap of procrastination.

Here’s how to make a schedule.

4. Make it a priority.

Productivity improvement comes with purpose and priority. You will start to see extraordinary results only when you set priority in life.

Make the list and pick the task according to your priority. You must put the most important task on the first place. It will help you to remind the priority level of that particular task.

When you set your priority, your brain will remind you to direct all of your energy and focus on one task.

Paper can burn with a magnifying glass only when the sun rays passes through the lens with a sharp pointed focus.

Here are 7 incredible ways to stay focused at work.

5. Remove all the distractions.

We live in a fast-paced environment. Everything around you is going to distract you from doing your work. It can be anything.

For example, someone needs you to take their dog for a walk, pick them up from a location, your coworker will ask for your help and the list will go on and on and on.

There’s one more thing that will distract you and stop you from doing your work. And that is your smartphone.

It will shoot you with tonnes of notifications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Emails, and other notifications.


You need to keep all the distractions away from you at any cost. Put your phone on airplane mode to prevent calls, or you can put it on silent mode.

Put a DO NOT DISTURB sign outside of your room. Do whatever you can to stay away from people, notification and other distractions.

Read this, if you want to know how to stay focused [ step by step ].

6. Learn to manage your resources carefully.

When I say resources, it means time and energy. We all get the same amount of time and energy to operate in day to day life. But how we choose to manage our resources defines everything.

Most people spend their time and energy doing useless things that does not contribute anything to their goals. They never manage their resources carefully.

They spend most of their time on Facebook, watching television, playing games or doing useless stuffs.

Here’s the point.

You need to use your resources carefully in order to get extraordinary results. If you are not careful about your resources, you will never accomplish anything big in life.

Take out some time and watch out, where you spend most of your time and energy. Redirect your time and energy and spend into your productivity.

7. Be disciplined.

Discipline is the most important thing in life. You cannot achieve anything if you are not disciplined. However, most people never stay disciplined because listen to their lazy mind.

Listen to me carefully.

When you try to be disciplined, there are going to be a conflict. The conflict will be happening between your lazy mind and your intellectual mind.

Your lazy mind will try to convince you to stay in the comfort zone. And scream inside your head “don’t try anything new”.

Because our brain is designed to protect us from dangerous situation.

So, whenever you will try to go out of comfort zone, your brain will try to knock you down.

Make sure you use your intellectual mind and avoid listen to your lazy mind who tries to stop you.

When you discipline yourself, you are actually making a habit of doing something. It takes 21 to 90 days to form a habit.

Once you form a habit, you will never have to accelerate. Your habits will drive you to stay productive in life.

Read this, if you want to know how to discipline yourself for success.


Extraordinary results comes from productivity. The most successful people are productive people. Real purpose of productivity improvement is to get the things done what needs to be done.

Productive people get things done effortlessly and earn more than average people.

They work hard and smart together that produces results what average people dream of.

Productivity is going to help you become extraordinary person in life and achieve everything you want in life.

All you need to do is follow every single step guided in the strategy and practice them regularly.

Let’s take a recall :

  1. Align your tasks.
  2. Use “time block”.
  3. Create a schedule.
  4. Make it a priority.
  5. Remove all the distractions.
  6. Learn to manage your resources carefully.
  7. Be disciplined

Use this strategy and watch how your life will transform everyday. Make sure, you take a notes of these plans and write them down on a piece of paper.

Here are 7 best ways to stop procrastination right now.

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