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7 Best Ways Productivity Can Be Increased

7 best ways productivity can be Increased

“It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less.” ~ Nathan W. Morris

Have you ever made a To-do list that remains longer at the end of the day? We all have been there.

It can be quite challenging to be productive at times we don’t know where and how to start.

Don’t Worry, you are halfway there to achieve your desired goal.

Here are 7 Best Ways Productivity Can Be Increased

1. Focus More Worry Less

We are prone to multitask if our To-do List is longer than our day. According to research, multitasking is not a productive approach to complete tasks faster.

Instead, it builds up stress and anxiety which finally results in calling off the day.

Having said that, you can focus on one task at a time to complete it satisfactorily with full concentration.

It ends up completing the task faster for you to move ahead with other projects.

Keeping your mind calm during pressure can be intimidating. In other words, try to calm your mind before you take up the next task.

2. Take Frequent Breaks

Working for long hours in a hope that productivity can be increased is an illusion in itself.

According to research, taking frequent breaks during work can be rewarding to increase focus and boost your concentration.

Taking care of the mind is essential because it helps you to take decisions.
Completing a task and doing it productively are two different things.

However, doing it effectively is what matters in the long run.

You can take a walk, listen to music, and drink coffee to boost your mood.


3. Do hard things first

Examine the time your mind works best and take up the difficult projects first.

However, when you procrastinate your tasks, you make it harder and it gets delayed further.

Doing hard things first adds up the confidence to go ahead with full determination and energy.
You can choose to tackle difficult projects when you are most productive.

4. Don’t get distracted easily

Getting distracted breaks your flow and also shuts your work.

Productivity can be increased if you work with full attention and focus. For that, keep your phones aside while working.

On the other hand, move over to a silent and calm place where you can work.

Allow yourself some limited time off to browse through social media but don’t forget to return to work.

There are plenty of resources online to help you with time management. Try those apps to manage your time well.

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5. Organize your day well

Giving a structure to your day is essential to get all your personal and professional work done on time.

Because working mindlessly without a plan will make you feel lost in the middle of the day.

For that, organize your day well by dedicating proper time and attention. You can plan your phone calls and emails at some point during your day.

By being organized, you can sleep better. And you don’t have to compromise with your “ME TIME”.

It further helps you stay efficient at your work and allows you to achieve your goals faster.

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6. Manage time to exercise & meditate

Our mind gets affected when our body is not in a healthy state.

Productivity can be increased if you give time to your body and mind. In this digital era, stress has predominantly taken over a large part of the population.

Excessive screen-time strains the eyes which further increases the chances of headache, migraine, and other diseases.

Working for long hours in a chair takes a toll on our body in no time. For that doing exercise and meditation is necessary to charge up your body and mind.

However, it increases your brain’s affective skills which further helps increase your productivity.

7. Sleep Well

The silent magic which sleeping well does on our body and mind is unbelievable. Sleep Deprivation not only negatively impacts your performance at work but also decreases your metabolic rate.

Our sleep is deeply linked with logical thinking abilities and memory. It is essential to not cut out sleep for healthy functioning of the mind.

Here’s how sleep is essential to work and productivity


Your productivity can be increased if you start working and getting your work done on time. All you have to do is use these techniques.

Let’s recall the above steps:

  1. Focus More Worry Less
  2. Take frequent breaks
  3. Do hard things first
  4. Don’t get distracted easily
  5. Organize your day well
  6. Manage time to exercise and meditate
  7. Sleep Well

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