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7 Best Ways To Influence Other People

Leader knows how to influence other people

Leadership is all about influencing people. When you make an impact in other people’s lives and do something that makes them feel influenced, this is how you influence other people.

You need to know the techniques behind influencing, so you can use it to your advantage.

It will give you a leadership mindset that grows and turn you into a great influencer.

If you want to change other people’s lives, then you need to influence them and this will make you more respectful and authoritative person.

Here is 7 best ways to influence other people.

7 best ways to influence other people

1. Give them what they want.

If you want to influence people, then you need to give people what they exactly want. Because everyone likes what THEY want, not what YOU want.

Forget about you, think about them. When you think about other people and their needs, it will turn you into a great person in their eyes.

They will love you, when you give what they want. They will give you more respect and authority.

However, most people think about themselves. So, in order to influence other people, start giving them what they want.

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2. Make others feel important.

People will do anything for you, if you make others feel important. It is the most important key to influencing others.

Everyone wants to feel important. You want to feel important as well.


Exactly. When you make them feel important, they will be more likely to stay in your hands.

You can’t make someone do something that you want them to do. Unless they want to do it themselves.

For example, if you ask a sweeper to clean the floors, he will do it but not passionately. He won’t like you.

But when you let him know that he’s important because he always help you to make your office cleaner, then he will do it with more passion and love you for the behaviour.

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3. Connect with emotions.

When you connect with other people’s emotions, they are more likely to do things for you. You don’t need to ask them.

You need to connect your emotions with them and become more understanding. This will help you to influence other people and give you position of a leader.

However, if you can connect other people’s emotions to a goal, it can drive your company to a next level.

They will do anything to achieve the goal with you, when your emotions and their emotions are connected with the same goal.

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4. Empower them.

You gain more authority when you empower others. You need to motivate them and empower them.

As it is said – People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou.

Start empowering them and you will be on the way to influence other people.

Successful people empower their co workers and this leads them to become a great influencer.

If you want gain power and influence people, start empowering them and see the change.

5. Respect other people’s opinion.

Never ever tell anyone that “you’re wrong”. Respect other people’s opinion as well. They might believe in something different and they think they are right from their perspective.

When they tell you something that isn’t true or right, instead of saying “you’re wrong“. Say this “I respect your opinion but from my perspective, it’s different“.

Ask them, do you want to know why?

Then it’s time to tell them what you think without offending their self esteem.

This is the best way to approach a person if you want to influence people.

6. Be a leader, not a boss.

Leader is someone who work with people on projects, visions or goals. He never orders them.

However, boss keeps ordering people to do the work and he never coordinates.

If you want to influence other people, you should be a leader who empowers others and coordinate with them.

Never ever become a boss because it will ruin your influencing behaviour.

Your co workers will talk bad stuffs behind your back.

But when you are a leader, they will talk great stuffs behind you.

Great influencer always communicate with their co workers.

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7. Show sympathy.

If you see anyone making a mistake. Never scold them. Keep in mind that they are human being as well.

People makes mistake but it’s your job to help them not to repeat again.

If you want to influence other people, then you need to tell them in a specific manner which help them understand you better without getting hurt.

So, how will you tell them?

Look. Whenever someone makes mistake, tell them I’ve made this mistake too. This will create a sense if sympathy. When you do that, people will understand you more.

But here’s the trick.

Tell them, I’ve made the same mistake but never repeated twice and I believe you will never do this again as well.


If you want influence people without using power, give them they want and they will follow you without a doubt.

They will automatically put you in a leader position.

Don’t forget to use the steps mentioned above because they are as important as gold.

Let’s recall the steps –

  • Give them what they want.
  • Make others feel important.
  • Connect with emotions.
  • Empower them.
  • Respect other people’s opinion.
  • Be a leader, not a boss.
  • Show sympathy.

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So, here are 7 best ways to influence other people.

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