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How To Learn Musical Instrument Faster

Learning musical instrument can be time taking and it can burn all of your energy into learning. People often learn musical instruments but they give up soon because it gets hard for them to invest enough time in learning everyday. It can be super beneficial for you if you learn musical instrument everyday

It is said that people give up learning music because they don’t know about the smart techniques that helps them to learn musical instrument faster.

If you want to learn music faster then read on these smart techniques in How to learn musical instrument faster

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How to learn musical instrument faster

1. Warm up everyday.

Do you know why singers warm up everyday before they get into real performance? It is because our vocal is like a muscle and it demand warm up before getting into singing. If singer stopped warming up, it can be dangerously unhealthy for them and it can cause vocal damage forever aswell.

In learning musical instrument, you need to warm up your finger and mind aswell. Just like singer needs vocal warm up everyday, Musicians who play musical instruments need warm ups everyday aswell. If you don’t warm up your finger then it might  hurt finger muscle and it can affect your performance. Try exercises like Scalingarpeggios etc.

2. Practice in awareness .

People practice singing and playing instrument everyday but many of them go nowhere. While practicing, they all stay in autopilot state of mind where they’re learning nothing but wasting time for sure. If you want to learn musical instrument faster then you need to level up your attention and awareness level.

Start practicing in awareness like you are realising that you are practicing this piece of music right now. Stay aware of what is being played by the fingers. Start to analyse everything going around and stay in present moment.

3. Take a break.

If you want to learn really faster then never underestimate the power of break. Practice in awareness as I’ve mentioned above after 45 min to 1 hour, take a break for 15 min and shift your mind from music to somewhere else in order to learn faster. Taking break can be refreshing for the mind and you’ll come up with more energy and you can focus more .

It can effectively beneficial for you. The more you refresh yourself, the better focus and attention you’ll give in the learning process.

4. Listen to your favorite music.

It is the most powerful weapon. Listening to your favorite music can help you to boost up your music ideas. If you want to learn musical instrument faster then you should be willing to learn to play your favourite music as soon as possible. The more you want to play your favourite music, the faster you will learn because you’ll be willing to work hard to learn.

I’ve learned the everything about guitar in just 1 years 5 month just because I wanted to play “As long as you love me by Justin Bieber“.

5. Practice.. Practice.. Practice!

You can not underestimate the power of Practice. It is said that, our brain tend to learn repetitive tasks easily. The more you practice, the better you learn your instrument. If you want to play your musical instrument faster then start devoting good amount of time in practice. Keep practicing until you can play the piece of music in your sleep.

Practice.. Practice.. Practice! Keep practicing and become master of your instrument.

6. Don’t repeat your mistakes.

If you want to be master of your instrument then never ever repeat the same mistake again. While you’re playing and you made a mistake then, don’t start again, just keep playing till the end. Start again and correct your mistake but remember, never ever stop at the point of your mistakes. 

This technique is used by worldwide great musicians. It is because if you stopped at the point of your mistake then your brain will catch it up and remind you everytime you play and you will keep making same mistakes.
So, finally these are the tips on How to learn musical instrument faster. If you have any question about this topic then feel free to ask me anything you want and you can share your story in the comment box. 

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