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How To Learn From Failure [ Step by Step ]

How to learn from failure step by step

It is impossible to achieve success without failure. No one ever achieved high level of success without failing in life. When a child is learning how to walk, he falls down many times until he can walk properly.

You need to learn from failure if you want to grow and succeed in life.

As Thomas A. Edison said – “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

In life, there are going to be many times when you need to face challenges or you might fail, but this is the only way you can taste the success.

The nature of a failure is not to tell you who you are, but to tell you where you need to improve your work.

Let’s see how to learn from failure [ step by step ]

How to learn from failure

1. Accept the failure.

First step is to accept the failure. You need accept it, own it and realise it. If you keep your EGO and don’t accept that you have failed, then no one can save you.

There is no problem in failing. Everyone fail in life at some point but it does not mean to stay there. You need to bounce back.

Jack Ma failed so many times in his life that he was used to it. He failed 10 times to get into the college. He was the only one got rejected in KFC. But he never quit and his net worth is $25 billion.

This is how how accepting failure can help lead you to success.

2. See where you made the mistake.

You need to acknowledge that where you made the mistake. Find out what you have done wrong in the past or what went wrong. Accept it and figure out exactly how this mistake happened.

This is how you are going to grow from your mistake. If you don’t learn, you won’t grow. So learn from your mistakes.

It takes will power to figure out your mistakes. But never ever regret about the ones you made it. You need to learn from failure and this is best way to learn it.

3. Take the responsibility.

Understand and take the responsibility for your failure. Don’t try to blame other people. Most people plays the “blame game”.


They often blame other people for their failure and mistakes. However, This is the wrong approach.

You need to take the responsibility of your mistakes in order to learn from your failure. No matter how badly you failed. Accept it and this is how you are going to grow as a person.

Successful people never blame others for their mistakes. They own it and you should too.

4. Learn from other people.

Life is too short to learn everytime from your mistake. Sometimes you need to learn from other people’s mistake aswell.

Grow your knowledge and keep reading new things everyday. Research about your topic on Google and find out why someone failed in your choose area. This will make you wiser and prevent you from making the same mistakes.

However, the key point is you need to find out the answer from other people. Ask them questions and eventually you will get the answer. This will benefit you to learn from failure and grow out of it.

5. Improve yourself.

You need to start improving yourself. After you know your faults and mistakes. It’s time to improve the game. You need to change the way of thinking. You need to adopt new information and knowledge. Start reading books, if you have lack of time then listen to audio books.

You need to install a new mindset which is going to help to achieve the success you deserve.

Successful people improve every single day. If you want to be successful then start improving now. Stop think and start doing!

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6. Try one more time.

This is the final technique you need to follow. No one ever achieved high level of success in history without failure.

You need to remember that failure is not falling down but refusing to try again one more time.

However, most people fail and they never try it again. This is the real failure in life. You need to get up. Get up stronger than before. Never leave a single stone unturned.

This will help you to learn from failure and achieve success in life.

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This is how you will achieve the greatness inside you. It will be worth it when you get up and try one more time.

This is how to learn from failure step by step.

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