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How To Keep Your Singing Voice Healthy

We are living in the world, where music and singing is part of our lives & culture. There’s not a single person in this world who can say “I don’t like singing“. Everyone love singing either inside the bathroom or on the live stage

But If you want to sing without damaging your voice then you need to take care of your voice in order to keep your singing voice healthy.

I’m sure you sing everyday because that’s why you are here. I’m going to tell you important things that will help you to prevent your voice from damage and keep your vocal cords (when we talk, the vocal cords tighten up and move closer together. Air from the lungs is forced between them and makes them vibrate, producing the sound of our voice).in good shape.

Let’s get to know more about How to keep your singing voice healthy 

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How to keep your singing voice healthy

1. Drink water to keep yourself hydrated.

Drink more and more water to keep yourself hydrated. You need to drink water often because when we speak or sing, our vocal cords vibrate constantly and it is necessary to give your vocals a proper lubrication by drinking water. Our vocals works like an engine, the more we use lubricant, the better piston moves. You need to eat food that contains good amount of water like watermelon, peaches and grapes etc.

2. STOP “Smoking”.

It’s hard for the people who smoke everyday. Smoking is the worst enemy for your vocal cords. When you smoke, it’ll irritate your vocals and hot smoke can damage your vocals badly that you might never be able to speak. STOP SMOKING!. If you want keep your singing voice healthy then you need to stop smoking from now.

I have friend who used to smoke everyday, but singing was more important than smoking so he decided to quit smoking forever. Good gesture!

3. Keep your throat relax while singing high notes.

I’ve noticed alot of people who sing really badly during high notes (screaming part of the song). They squeezes their throat and think like they will hit the high note. If you want to hit highest note then you need to keep your shoulder, throat and breath relaxed and hit the highest note by using the vocal cords, not throat.

I’ve made this mistake aswell before. Be aware!

4. Give your voice a proper rest.

Our vocal cords are like muscle. Just like our muscle gets tired after extensive use, so vocal cord gets tired aswell. You need to give your singing voice a proper rest if you want to keep your singing voice healthy. Warm up your vocals and give some rest, it’ll be ready to serve more stronger and better than before next time. 

5. Never misuse or abuse your voice.

Many people damage their voice by screaming and shouting in noisy places. You should never ever scream in noisy area to prevent yourself from vocal damage. If you are going through cough or illness then you should give your voice a rest. If your vocal gets tired after speaking or singing then it is a sign of vocal irritation. If you ever felt like your voice is getting tired, then you should hydrate your voice and leave it for a nap.

6. Don’t gargle too often.

When you gargle, your vocal gets slam with each other, it can make your voice weaker and less lubricant. You can use luke warm salty water to clear your throat but you need to take a sip or swallow the quench of urge. If you are still going through the problem then you should visit a doctor.

7. Take rest for your singing voice.

If you want to keep your singing voice healthy then you need to take a proper rest when you’re sick. It can affect your voice if you are going through sore throat, hoarseness or cough. You need to forget about singing until you get your health neutral. The more you give rest to your voice, the better you prevent your vocals from damage.

So, finally these are the tips How to keep your singing voice healthy. If you have any question about this topic then feel free to ask me anything you want and you can share your story in the comment box. 

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