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How To Become A Famous Singer On YouTube

The world is changing rapidly and music industry is changing as well. Everyone wants to become a famous singer and want their name out in the industry, but many of them doesn’t even know where to start in order to get in the music industry.

In today’s world, impossible is nothing if you have an obsession to do the real work. Do you imagine yourself singing on live stage in front of large crowd and you don’t know where to start? 

Then How to become a famous singer on YouTube is the perfect place where you should be, because it helps you to build your own fanbase in order to become famous singer. The two most famous singers who started on youtube are Justin Bieber and  Austin Mahone. So are you ready to know these tricks in order to get your feet on fame and fortune?

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How to become famous singer on YouTube
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How to become a famous singer on YouTube

1. Create your own youtube channel.

This is the first step towards your youtube success as an artist. You need to open an account and fill out the description about you and the most important your music. It is important to describe your music taste in the description. I saw alot ot people who fill the description very badly and this is what hold them back.

Fill every single details about your music taste and what you’re going to share on your youtube channel. So start your successful music journey by creating new account for youtube channel to become famous singer on youtube.

2. Time to record your singing

When you are done with the account and description, you need to record yourself singing. You need a microphone to record your singing voice, and a computer software GarageBand for iOS and Audacity for PC’s. These are the most necessary part in order to get your voice recorded. You need to do it in high quality because every loves listen to clean & clear voice.

If you can afford a studio to record then it’s more better, but if you are beginner then you can do it in your home made studio. You need few equipments like

  • Microphone
  • Computer
  • Software (GarageBand) or (Audacity)
  • An instrument
  • Singing voice
  • Camera HDR (you can borrow from your friend)

3. Record your amazing video to get attention.

This is the most important and inevitable part of this process. YouTube is all about videos and you need a high quality video, you can record yourself in a room or you can hire a professional for high quality video. I’d suggest beginners to forget about use at least good quality camera even you can borrow the camera from your friend. 

Merge your recorded audio and video together, and make it appealing for your audience because they are going to be your fan in 2 years from now.

4. Choose your cover songs smartly and fill each description accurately to upload.

You need to use cover songs in order to grow your traffic on youtube. You should only use latest hit songs as cover amd upload them smartly, the trick is that you need to upload them once in a week to engage your audience and turn them into your fans. The better song you choose, the higher traffic you’ll get and you’ll find it more easy than it sounds.

Before you upload the cover, you need to fill out the description briefly and you need to familiarise yourself with SEO optimisation for youtube. It can help you to build more traffic on your youtube videos. It is the most useful for every singer who wants to become a famous singer on youtube.

5. Promote yourself like a brand.

If you want to become a star on youtube then you should treat yourself like brand. Feed your mind that you are a brand, just like I treat my blog like a brand and it is a brand because I treat it professionally like it’s my business. If you treat your channel like a brand, the outcome shall be profitable.

If I say “Brand“, understand what I mean. Brand is like a company that never compromise with it’s products or services. So you need to take care of your songs quality, description, logo (profile picture), it should have to look like a standard and worth subscribing for. Prioritizing yourself and branding yourself will be worth it.

I know, thank me later! Haha!

Dude before you enter into music industry, treat yourself like a business because music is all about business.

6. Collaborate with other YouTube artists.

When you are doing good with your youtube videos, start engaging with other youtube artist. YouTube is a community, when you get featured in other youtube videos, their fans start to turn your fans aswell. 

After the research,

Tiffany Alvord said, Collaborations are one of the most important parts of growing your fan base. I’ve collaborated a ton of YouTubers. When you collaborate, you introduce your fans to their fans. There’s a crossover of fans. It’s great because it ties in the whole YouTube community. It makes people realize that it’s a family, not a competition.

7. Use the social networking sites for the promotion.

Nowadays, Social networking sites are trending and it’s impossible to say that you won’t be on social media at all. Everyone loves using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, then why don’t you target your audience who love your genre of music.

“No matter how talented you are, not everyone’s going to like you” by Justin Bieber.

You read it right, it doesn’t matter how capable or talented you might be, not everyone is going to like you. You need to focus on who’s liking your work and keep doing what you love.

Whenever you upload your video, share the link on Twitter, Facebook page, and Instagram to get more people watch your videos. 

So, finally we are upto the end and now you’re ready to launch your singing career. Now what are you waiting for? Go and start making videos if you want to fulfill your dreams and want to see yourself on big stage.

If you have any question about this topic, you can leave your questions in the comments and I’d love to answer your worthy questions. 

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