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7 Amazing Difference Between Rich vs Poor Mindset

7 amazing difference between rich vs poor mindset

The world is filled with different kind of people. Some people are rich and some are poor. But the question is what makes some people rich and some poor? The answer is “Mindset“. There are huge difference between rich vs poor mindset.

If you want to get rich in life then you are on the right place. I guarantee you that you will see the world from different perspective.

You need to understand that our thinking influences our lives. So, change your thinking and it will change your life.

Here are 7 amazing difference between rich vs poor mindset.

Note: This article is not to disrespect anyone’s mindset. This article is to help people change their mindset to attract wealth, fortune and bright future. We respect both rich and poor.

1. Rich people make their money work for them. Whereas, poor people work for money.

Yes, you heard it right. Rich people don’t work for money, their money works for them. They put their money to make more and more money without working in job.

However, poor people work for money all day long. They work their entire life to earn money. If they stop working, they won’t get paid. Unfortunately, it is the reality.

So, start making your money work for you and eventually you will be on way to riches.

2. Rich people believe in learning new things. Whereas, poor people believe in learning ends after college.

Rich people are goal oriented. They are willing to learn new things everyday. This approach helps them acquire knowledge and great information that leads to rich life.

However, poor people believe that learning ends after the college. They stops learning new things, so they remain at the same place forever.

You need to start learning new things and upgrade your skills, knowledge, wisdom. Its the most important difference between rich vs poor mindset. So, start reading books and improving yourself daily.

As it is said,

Formal education will make you a living and self education will make you a fortune.

Here is why you should learn new things everyday.

3. Rich people invest money Whereas, poor people save money.

Cashflow is very important part in getting rich. Rich people invest their money that produces more and more money for them.

However, poor people believe in savings. They save money and keep it to themselves. And afterwards, they spend it where it never comes back.

So, start acquiring financial literacy even if you are well educated with tonnes of degrees. Because college never teaches financial literacy.

4. Rich people finds solutions. Whereas, poor people finds excuses.

Rich people never complain. They are constantly looking for solutions. You need to start looking for solutions and you will never be the same.

It takes practice to shift your focus from the problems you have in life to solutions.

However, poor people complain and they find problems in every solution.

They focus on the things they can’t control instead of looking the things they can control.

So, here’s another difference between rich vs poor mindset that clearly tells you to focus on solutions and you will be on the way to riches.

5. Rich people think long term. Whereas, poor people think short term.

Rich people think long term. They are obsessed with this kind of mindset. They invest money in long term businesses and set goals that requires long term thinking.

However, poor people think short term. They need quick results. If they’ve invested money, then they want to grow 10x in a month.

So, start thinking long term in business, relationships and every aspect of your life. This is important lesson you need to know in the difference between rich and poor mindset.

Here are 6 ways to improve your long term thinking.

6. Rich people act according to intelligence. Whereas, poor people act based on feelings.

Rich people act according to their intelligence. They never work according to their feelings. They are goal driven and they do whatever it takes to reach by using their intellectual brain, not based on feelings.

However, poor people always work based on feelings. If they are not in the mood to do something, they won’t do it at all.

So, start using your brain and intelligence and never make decisions based on feelings.

7. Rich people are creators. Whereas, poor people are consumer.

I don’t want to hurt you but it is the truth. Rich people have creator mindset. They are constantly looking forward to create value for other people.

As you already know, money chases value.

However, poor people have consumer mindset. They are always spend their money on the stuffs that are created by rich people.

This is how rich gets richer and poor gets poor.


In order to live a happy, wealthy and abundant life, you need to start working on your mindset.

Most people live average life because they learn from average people.

Learn from greatest people in the world and you will be on the road to greatness.

Here are 7 best ways how rich people think differently.

Finally, you know the 7 amazing difference between rich vs poor mindset.

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