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9 Things You Need To Know Before Dating Musician

Before dating a musician

Musicians are creative people and they take care of everyone’s feelings. Dating them can be the best decision you will ever make. You will fall in love with them in no time when you realise they are unique in their own ways. Musicians are smart people who can improve your life. But you need to know few things before dating musician.

If you want to know that how amazing musicians can be in dating life, then keep reading…

9 things you need to know before dating musician

1. They will write songs for you.

You need to know that if you’re dating a musician they will write songs based on you. No matter if it’s all about late night talk, moments spent together, your memories or romance. It all makes sense when they say “I love you” and they can make a whole lot song for you just to make you feel loved. It’ll make you feel out of this world for sure.

2. They can be your playlist.

Absolutely they can write songs for you but they can also be your playlist. If you want to know any details about a specific song then they are available at the service. You can seek out any information about the song and they would feel grateful in order to to help you. If you want to know about the trending songs and what’s available in specific genre then they’re ready to help anytime.

3. They are good in coordination.

Musicians are filled with talent and this showcase their ability in their coordination with other musicians and in dating life aswell. They coordinate with other band mates to produce the perfect rhythm, so they do in their relationship in order to make it perfect. All they seek out perfection in relationship and they know how to make you feel good in every situation with better coordination.

4. They are ticket to live concerts.

If you’re dating a musician then it can be advantage for you. No matter if they’re playing at concert or not, you’ll still have access to get into the concert even without passes and no bouncers will stop you. Your partner is your ticket to concert. You can meet your favorite musicians and take pictures without making efforts. This can be the biggest advantage to meet your favorite stars.

5. They are small kids from their heart.

Musicians play music and create songs that come up deep emotions and feelings it doesn’t mean they are grown up. Even sometimes I feel like to irritate and make fun like small kids. We might grow up from the mind but remain kids from the heart. It is possible that if you guys are in a cafe and your partner might pour a glass of water over you or pinch your lap under the table.

6. They have outstanding concentration.

Musicians are so much concentrated that they can spend 2 hours practicing without loosing their focus. They can be concentrated on a specific task for more than hours. If you want someone who can make you a center of attention then dating a musician can make it happen. Even they can be so concentrated to please you in bed everytime.

7. They never make anyone feel bored.

Musicians are entertaining person. They can make you feel laugh even if you’re crying. If you are sad, just call your partner and you will forget about sadness. They can be your entertainer. If you’re in the party and feel like bored then they can be the party pooper for you and even if you don’t want to dance, they will make you dance.

8. They have patience.

Musician knows the real value of patience. They have been developing this skill since they started learning music. Learning music takes a lot of patience. If you are talking about your stuffs and even if they are not interested in listening, they will still listen to your stories and stuff with patience.

9. They seek for Perfection.

Musicians spend most of the time perfecting their craft. They want perfection in everything. If they are in relationship, still they want it to be perfect. They expect their partner to be supportive and perfectionist. They seems perfect even if they’re being imperfect.

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