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9 Best Ways To Become A Great Communicator

9 best ways to become a great communicator

Leadership is all about communication. It’s hard to lead other people, if you lack a great communication skill. Successful people know how to communicate with others and lead them in a direction. However, Most people fails to lead others because they don’t know “what it takes to become a great communicator”.

In order to lead other people, you need a great communication skill. It is vital nutrition for success in any field.

Here are 9 best ways to become a great communicator.

9 best ways to become a great communicator

1. Listen before you speak.

Great communication starts with the power of listening. You need to listen before you speak, whenever you are interacting with someone. Most people use the wrong approach.

They speak and only speak during the conversation. But this is not the perfect communication skill.

All the great leaders has this skill in common. They listen to every single person in the meeting, and they speak once everyone has done.

This makes other people feel valuable. This is why successful people gains trust and respect.

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2. Don’t criticize people.

If you want to be respected, then you need to give respect. Most people criticize their workers and expect them to improve.

But unfortunately, this does not work and it is a part of human nature.

You can’t force anybody to do something when they don’t want to.

In order to become great communicator, you need to appreciate them and ask for improvement in returns.

When you appreciate, they will be more likely to change.

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3. Connecting with emotions.

If you are going to have a conversation with people intellectually, then you can’t build trust.

They will never listen to you because they don’t feel any connection with you.

If you want to communicate with people, then you need to connect with emotions. Talk to people with an emotional connection.

People can do anything when they are determined with their emotions to do something.

People will forget what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

4. Read body language.

The most important way of communication is non verbal. You need to understand what people are trying to tell you without words. You need to read the signs.

Body language can give you more information than just words. Try to read them carefully. This can be a sign either person wants communicate with you or wants to leave.

However, you can’t start doing it right away but still you need start learning how people use their body language to communicate.

This can help to become a great communicator and win hearts of many people.

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5. Make other people feel important.

If you want to win everyone’s heart, then give other people importance. Show interest in them. When you are engaged in conversation, always remember to ask questions related to them.

People loves talking about themselves. Like you do.

This will make them feel important and they will be more likely to do anything for you.

The more you will listen to others, the more they will respect you. This is a good communicator characteristics which will help you in the long run.

6. Respect other people’s opinion.

Everyone has opinion about something. Don’t stop them. You need to listen to every single person. Some people might give you valuable opinion where as, some will give you wrong opinion. But don’t tell them “you’re wrong”.

Everyone has opinion based on their belief system. Respect them and you will gain authority.

Let everyone give their opinion and then you need to decide which information is right for you.

In order to become a great communicator, you must respect other people’s opinion.

7. Know what you are talking about.

No one is going to respect you if you don’t know what you are talking about. You need to confidence when you are communicating with someone.

In meetings, you need to know the topic and details with information that you are talking about.

However, you don’t need to know everything but in order to gain respect and authority, you need to know what you are talking about.

8. Sweet smile.

A simple smile can change the game. You have the most powerful asset – smile.

As it is said – “A smile is a universal language of kindness”.

The more you smile and the better other person feel. You will look friendly and more people will get to engage with you.

All the successful people know this simple fact. This makes them more kind and generous. This is going to help you in the long run.

In order to become a great communicator, start smiling during the conversation and it will change the whole game.

9. Always be the last to speak.

Let the person or group of people speak and contribute their opinion. When everyone else is done, then it is the right time to speak.

When you do it, it will make other people feel important and they will feel satisfied that they contributed their ideas aswell.

This makes the perfect communication and you will be on the track to become successful in conversation with anyone.

These are the 9 best ways to become a great communicator and achieve success in any area you want.

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