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7 Best Reasons Why Do We Love Singing

Singing is a universal and everyone love to sing from their heart all around the world. It takes nothing to sing out your favourite tune that’s ringing inside your head. You can’t deny the fact that we love singing everyday. It can be in the shower, while driving, or in the campfires with your friends. 

No matter how you sing, this post is for everyone who sing from their mouth, nowhere else. Lol

Let’s get to know more about 9 Best Ways Why Do We Love Singing.

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7 best reasons why do we love singing

1. It makes you feel alive.

This is an important fact to be noted. We all know singing makes you feel alive. It lets you forget about all of your worries and tensions and blow off your heavy shoulder that makes you feel light. It takes no bills, no taxes to sing your favorite songs. It takes you in the feeling of empathy, fearlessness, happiness and more.

Singing is a basic nature of human being. We love getting into emotions and feelings. It can make you dance while singing sometimes, it can make you cry aswell. Singing makes us feel alive and this is the truth that you can never know intellectually.

2. It help us to boost your confidence.

Singing help us in alot of ways. It is a fact that singing can boost your confidence and helps to know your own ability. We all love singing , while some people sing in public and some of them are so shy that they sing in the shower only. Do you really care what other thinks about you?  If you do then stop it now because nobody thinks at all. If want to live free life then stop caring about “what they think“.

You need to focus on yourself. If you love singing then please don’t be so cruel on yourself. Sing out freely because it’s all about representing your own voice as a human. Sing out like birds fly in the sky without fear of falling down on the ground. 

Sing it. Nobody cares about anyone except themselves.

3. It helps you to intake more oxygen.

It can be the best exercise for everyone. Singing can help you to increase your lungs capacity. When we sing a song, we start to intake more oxygen in our lungs in order to sing the notes correctly. It helps to deliver pure oxygen through the blood to the brain to work effectively. 

According to the research, Deep breathing improves overall health and lowers our chances of sickness or disease. Breathing deeply helps to clean our blood by removing the carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen. Most diseases in the body begin with having unclean blood.

4. Singing gives you a feeling of exploration.

It is a human act that makes you feel that you are human being. It gives you a sense that you are filled with emotions, feelings and these feelings open up almost everytime you try to sing. You definitely had seen that almost every singer gives face expressions while singing. It comes naturally without even realising while you are singing.

When you sing, you actually explore new emotions and feeling through ups and downs while singing. The more you sing, the better you can explore.

What are you waiting for? Start singing now.

5. It takes you to old memories.

Singing your favorite songs can gives you an amazing old memories. It can be like your girlfriend or special person had suggested those songs and when you sing them, you start to feel their presence. It can give you a chill with the memories. When you sing your favorite song, it actually make sense to you because you can relate yourself to the songs.

Sing out the song and involve yourself into those memories. Like I sung “Boyfriend by Justin Bieber” for my girlfriend and it reminds me everytime of her while singing.

6. Singing can be fascinating our your brain.

Our brain loves getting new information everyday. When you sing new songs everyday, your brain gets fascinated with the new feelings and emotions. This is reason you tend to get more attracted towards new music and sing them inside your head all day long.

We love singing new songs everyday because our brains feels fascination and makes you more attached to the song.

7. Singing releases “Happy Hormones”.

Singing makes you happy because of a reason and the reason behind we love singing is a chemical called endorphins also known as “Happy Hormones”. When we sing passionately, our brain starts to release happy Hormones and we start to feel happier than before. The more you sing, the more you’ll get happier.

Come on. Sing out!

So, finally we are upto the end and now you know the fact that why do we love singing. Now what are you waiting for? Go and share this amazing fact with your friends as well.

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