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7 Signs You Were Born To Be A Musician

The personality that musicians has doesn’t mean everyone comes up with these traits. It’s a fact that musician’s brain works differently from other normal people. It can be learned like other skills but some people come up with these skills naturally.

Do you want to know if you were born to be a musician naturally? I’m sure you might be curious about what are these personality traits musicians have?

Let’s get to know about these 7 signs you were born to be a musician.

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7 signs you were born to be a musician

1. You are curious about everything.

If you are curious about everything then this traits belongs to you. The more curious you are, the better personality traits you have. If you are curious about analysing the light bulb if it still glow after closing the refrigerators door? Or someone telling you a secret but later they refuse to tell you about it? It can be curiosity that drives musicians crazy.

2. You are good in communication with others.

Musicians are natural communicator and if you are stuffed with good communication skills then it proves you were born to be a musician. Musicians are good in communication with everyone like bandmates, producers, sound engineer, public, fans, audience. This communication skill help them to build their fan base and market themself like a business.

3. You don’t follow the dumb rules.

If musicians don’t understand the rule or if it is limiting their work or belief then they are never ever going to follow the dumb rules. The rules can never limit the work. They work on their own set of rules and they know what is right and how it is done. They are smart enough to do the work without any rules because they know how to play with fire.

4. You never gets affected by rejection.

Musician takes rejection as bumps on the road, not the end of the road. They don’t worry about what if they got rejected because they know rejection is a part of success. Lady Gaga was rejected by a record label even after getting signed but she did make it in the music industry. Rejection is inevitable. If you have courage to follow your dream and if you can face rejection then you have a quality of musician.

5. You never stay out of motivation for long.

Musician’s practice their art everyday. If they are doing a live performance or audition and if they got failed to impress the audience because of bad performance, then they are the ones who brush off the shirt and get up again without loosing their enthusiasm towards music. They learn from their mistakes. If someone demotivate them, they get up back more stronger than before.

6. You are filled with empathy.

Do you know what makes every single song relate to your feelings? It’s empathy that makes your feelings relate to others. Musician’s understand and feel the same emotions and feelings from other people’s point of view. If you can understand the feeling of others then you have empathy and this proves you were born to be a musician.

7. You think you can’t live without music.

Musician’s can’t live without music it’s a common fact but if you think you can’t live without music, then it might be possible that you have a quality of musician. If you are attracted towards music and you want to keep yourself close to music most of the time then you can take it as advantage.

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