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10 Best Ways To Be More Productive 

10 best ways to be more productive

People waste their time and energy in thinking more and doing less. This is not the road to achieve what you want in life.

You need to be more productive, if you want to achieve anything in life. Productivity starts from you and you need to get ready to fight with your laziness.

The sad truth is, most people spend their life doing fraction of their true potential.

They want to do it but they don’t because they listen to their lazy mind. And that stops them from reaching their full potential and extraordinary life.

Do you want to become more productive in order to reach your great potential and hit the wall of fortune?

Here are 10 best ways to be more productive.

10 best ways to be more productive

1. Start with important work.

You need to start your day with the most important work. Do what is hard in the morning.

When you start your day with the toughest work, you will have more energy to work more efficiently. The more energy you have, the better you will work.

Most people start with the most easiest work everyday. In other words, this makes people burning their energy on the things that isn’t important.

If you want to hit your true potential, start with the most hardest work.

2. Do it NOW! Habit.

Make a habit of doing it now. No matter what, just do it now! This is the biggest traits of most successful people around the world.

They believe in doing it now because later becomes never. So, start making it your habit and it will change your life forever.

Most people listen to their lazy mind and they become extremely procrastinating person. This is the behaviour every unsuccessful person.

Start doing it now to be more productive everyday. This makes perfect sense to those who work for their dreams.


3. Stay away from negative people.

Try to stay away from negative people. They have problems of every situation. If you listen to them, chances are you can never become productive in life.

They neither work nor let you do the work. When you are working, make sure they are not around you.

When you notice someone trying to say anything negative, try not to listen to them.

You can’t help with this unfortunately, but you can intellectually know what they are talking about. It’s a red light! Stay away.

Start spending time with positive people if you want to see any changes in your productivity.

4. Make time for yourself

Productivity means efficiency of productive work. You can’t produce great work in you are tired.

In order to be more productive, you need to take rest between your work every single time. Follow the 90 – 10 ratio.

You need to focus on great work for straight 90 minutes, and 10 minutes of complete rest.

Your brain does not have limitations, but the body has limitations. You need to listen to your body and take out some time to refresh your mind again.

5. Multi Tasking is your enemy.

Most people think if they are doing 2 work at the same time is going to be effective. Even they take so much pride in doing multi tasking.

But the reality is, when you start multi tasking, you make less effort in doing a particular task. You end up doing worst on both side of your work.

Mutli task never make sense if you want to produce great results. Focus is the key to productivity.

When people do multi tasking, their brain is not focused on single task and they end up doing no work done accurately.

Just like this quote “Jack of all trade is a master of none”.

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6. Switch of your phone.

Successful people never scroll down facebook and twitter and much as most people do.

They are perfect on their schedule because they stay away from all the distraction they have around.

I’m telling you these because you need to stay away from distraction aswell.

However, you need to switch your phone on airplane mode and watch out your productivity. This will definitely help you to be more productive in your day to day life.

7. Sleep is your best friend.

You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. If you are not sleeping enough, you can never be productive. Sleep is good for your health.

Most people only take 5-6 hours of sleep and they remain sleepy during their work all the day.

If you are not feeling fresh, how can you work effectively? You must take good amount of sleep to feel fresh all the day and work effectively.

Don’t try too hard. Let your body take proper rest and get ready for another day.

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8. Divide your task into pieces.

You can not complete any tough task in a single shot. You need to cut your task into pieces. Hard work takes time to complete.

Don’t take stress if it’s not completed yet. Take rest and start again. You need to remember that in order to be more productive, you need good amount of rest.

You should start after the rest and Don’t let your focus get distracted.

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9. Read everyday.

I always recommend everybody to read at least 10 mins. Reading is very powerful tool to give your brain a healthy workout.

It is always recommend by highly productive people. Reading train your brain to get ready for highly effective work.

If you want to do work that produces great results, then you need great working brain aswell. Start today and become more productive in life.

Most people want to produce great work but they don’t invest time for their great asset – brain.

Here are 11 best reasons why you should read everyday.

10. Productive mindset.

All the successful people have one thing in common “mindset”. You need a different mindset. Highly productive people see their work differently.

What would you think when you have alot of work? Most people think this way – damn! I’ve got so much work to do.

But every highly productive people think this way – How can I complete this work in less time? This is the best way to turn your difficulty into easy task.

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So, these are the 10 best ways to be more productive.

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